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So, why enjoyeverysandwich.xyz?

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“You’re reminded to enjoy every sandwich…”

It was a simple offhand comment from Warren Zevon – the artist responsible for the on-every-Halloween-playlist-ever song “Werewolves of London” (ahooooo!) – during a David Letterman interview after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Of all the things to say (and, mind you, he did say lots during the show, the entire hour of which was dedicated to him), he chose to mention sandwiches. So simple. So profound.

Fast forward to 7:52 for the comment itself.

Now, I like myself a good sandwich, don’t get me wrong. But what does this little comment from a passed-on artist have to do with me? Thankfully (and knock on wood), I have not been diagnosed with any terminal illness. However, there is simply no telling whether I’ll be around a year from now, or a month from now, or tomorrow. The intent of this website is simply to showcase the sorts of things that I do to, quite simply, have fun and enjoy life. It’s so damn easy to get caught up with school and work and errands and – let’s face it – all responsibilities, that sometimes I like to remind myself that life isn’t a guarantee and I should probably slow down and enjoy that sandwich. This site is therefore a way for anyone who cares, including myself, to see how I try to go about doing that. It also will help to hold me responsible for creating a life that I enjoy!

Ok, so what’s up with the .xyz? Well, .net was taken and the price of .com was absurdly high. I’m not an organization so .org was out of the question. I don’t like .blog, or .site, or really any of the other weird domain names that now exist. Frankly, I didn’t like .xyz at first either. That is, until I actually looked into the .xyz registry operator’s reason for choosing those three letters: “We created .xyz to connect Generations X, Y, and Z and to provide choice to internet users around the world.”

Now, the goal of this site isn’t all that lofty; I just want my friends and family and anyone else who cares to listen to my ramblings have a place to do so. But still, being a millenial and often feeling torn with what I should do with my life and subsequently feeling like I’m doing everything wrong with it, I like the idea of connecting various generations so maybe we can all understand each other a bit better. So yeah, that’s why .xyz.

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  1. Then again you’re the envy of quite a few people as well. Relative perspective.

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