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  1. I have a few favorites 😉 Nice work 👍🏼. I’d like to see more people and/or movement in your pictures… or maybe aim for less perfection and throw a fun, artsy filter in there sometimes! BUT they are really beautiful shots 😍

  2. Author

    Thanks! I definitely agree with adding some movement and that’s something I’ve been working on – the Thayer’s Inn picture is an example as you can see the tail lights of a passing car. People…yes, I need more people. I’m still fighting with myself about taking pictures of folks, especially strangers. I have a few, though!

  3. What is it with you and doors? Btw I really like the aged wood one ☝️ it’s insta-worthy

    1. Author

      I wish I had some wise “life is like a closed door” quote to offer, but I don’t. I just like them. I’ve been considering expanding my work to include windows as well, but that seems a bit too crazy for my taste.

  4. Steve don’t listen to Sylvia and all her critiques. They are fantastic!! Love the doors!!


    1. Author

      Thanks! Haha, I think she’s mostly just playing around. If not, well, I DID ask for critiques!

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